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Center for multidisciplinary Research is initiated as part of inauguration of School of post graduate studies at MOSA from July 2019 offering research programmes in different branches of health science. Education. Social Science & Humanities and Management Sciences leading to award of Ph.D. degree. Faculty members are actively pursuing interdisciplinary and socially relevant research in thrust areas with relevant research equipment’s in addition to teaching, consultancy and extension activities.

This Centre is offering admission to Masters / Ph.D. programme. Currently three research scholars are pursuing Ph.D. programme. In order to further enhance the research activities in MOSA University and to become a national competitor in research, meritorious and selected youth with bachelors / PG / doctorate degree are offered MOSA research and innovation grants supporting research fellowships every year.

The centre providing a platform for the faculty members to interact with other experts in their area of specialization within Zambia and abroad which provide an opportunity for others to understand the research quality of this University and also pave way for scientific collaboration. Currently five teaching staffs/experts are recognized as supervisors by the Centre for guiding research scholars.

The information’s needed by the scholars/supervisors are posted in the website and periodically updated. The centre also supporting scholars e-library facility by providing free internet facilities with access to research journal & databases through Zambia Library Consortium (ZALICO) Which gives free access to 30 different online libraries for research works. It also supporting scholars to use research management open source software tools such as Qiqqa, Zotero, Mendeley, for Research and reference & write up and create bibliographies work. It also provides Calibra E-Library for shorting PDF books, Plagiarism Checker for improving quality of research work including data analysis software such as SPSS 26.6 for data analysis.


Master of Education (Education Administration)

Master of Education (Primary Education)

Master of Social Work in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Master of Business Administration

Doctorate Programme in Education / Social Work/Management


Dr.Marirajan Thiruppathi

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology

Senior Lecturer – School of Social Science & Management

Research Area: Sociology, Social work practice, Community development, Participation, Local Governance, Community rights, Migration, Rural development, Child Rights and Sustainable livelihood.


Dr.Narayani Mony

Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology

Senior Lecturer – School of Health Science

Research & Laboratory Skills:

Basic biochemistry and microbiology technique, Plant and animal biotechnology techniques, rDNA technology- PCR. Southern blotting techniques, RAPD, RFLP analysis, Immunological techniques, Bioprocessing technology-Fermentor, Bioinformatics-Sequence analysis, BLAST Gene prediction, Protein structure prediction, Phylogenetic analysis

Dr.Godfrey Kasonde

Doctorate in Education Management

Lecturer Grade A – School of Education

Research Area: Curriculum designing, planning & Management, Pedagogy training, Gender studies,


Doctorate in Education (Curriculum and Instruction)Adjunct Lecturer – School of Education

Research Area: Curriculum planning and development, institutional intelligence and creative intelligence in teaching- learning, training and development, Strategic management


Doctor of Philosophy in Population Studies / Social work

Adjunct Lecturer – School of Social Science & Management

Research Area: Social work practice, Community development, Participation, Local Governance, Migration, Rural development, Child Rights and child protection, labour rights, Corporate governance.


Doctor of Philosophy in Social work                  

Adjunct Lecturer – School of Social Science & Management

Research Area: Social work practice, Human resource Management, Industrial relationship, Counseling, Drug addiction, HIV Management, Corporate governance, and Labour laws

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Dean - School of postgraduate studies and research


Dean - School of Health Sciences

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Dean-Student affairs


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